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Car Rider Grades 1 and 2

AES 1 2

AES Car Rider Pick Up Procedures: Grades 1 and 2
**IMPORTANT: Parents/caregivers are to remain in their cars at all times.**
As an increased safety measure and an effort to reduce wait time in the student

pick up area, the outlined procedures should be followed:

● Please make a sign with your child's name, grade, and teacher’s name to
hold up or display in your car! This can be on a piece of paper, card stock,
etc. Parents with more than one child should list both names, grades, and
teachers. Please keep your window closed at all times, the sign will show the
staff member who you are picking up.
● As cars approach the pick-up area, an assigned staff member will alert the
student by calling his/her name on a walkie talkie. The staff member will
direct you to a specific cone number. Please drive to that cone number and
wait there for your child. The student will proceed to the cone number
specified and meet you there. (*If your child has a younger sibling
(Kindergarten student), they will be picked up at the K exit with them. (door #20)
*There are 5 cones labeled on the sidewalk, see diagram for additional
● Again, parents must wait in their cars in line to pick up their child. No
parent will be allowed to walk up to the door to pick them up.
● If your child is taking a long time to come out, a staff member may direct
you to pull up to allow the line to continue moving.
● Only those listed on the emergency medical forms are allowed to pick up the
child. Please bring your ID as random ID checks may occur.

PLEASE be patient! :)